2017 Registration can be done 2 ways:

1. At the event. The fee at the gate is $25 per Jeep. Loaded with as many people as you can carry! Infield parking will be "as available" for the main event. Guarantee your parking in the infield by registering online in step 2 below.

2. Click the "REGISTER NOW!" image above to be taken to The Island Rec Center's website and have your registration info packet mailed to you! The early registration fee is $23 per Jeep. Loaded with as many people as you can carry! It's a little bit of a process to buy online but it only takes a minute really. Click the link above, select "South Carolina", "Hilton Head Island Recreation Center", "Community Events", "Festivals", "Jeep Island" and choose ONLINE REGISTRATION for Jeep Island! When you register online, you will be mailed your entry decal and welcome packet.

What Do You Get With Your Registration?

A lot of cool stuff, actually. You get: Admission to every event including the welcome party at Hilton Head Jeep on Friday, the drive in movie/meet and greet at Shelter Cove on Friday night, Entry to the main event on Saturday, a run on the obstacle course, admission to the beach party at The Beach House on Saturday night AND entry to the Island Drive on Sunday Morning! Not bad for 23 bucks AND that money goes to help The Island Rec Center!